5 most famous ejuice flavours of 2018 e juice

People in  New Zealand are never satisfied with the type of vape they choose. Why? Well, this is a never-ending quest as delicious flavors never fail to impress people. One after the other, the market gets saturated with several mouth-watering flavors. What else? There is special blend in e-juices thus people adore even the slightest taste.

There are specific types of flavors and recommendations from experts. The popular choice of the year in  New Zealand has been listed down below for your ease. So that if you have not tried then what are you waiting for. You should go for the top 5 most famous flavors.  These specific flavors will really help you in redefining your choice. It will help you a great deal in refining your taste. So just pick the ones which you think are most likely to suit your taste birds.

Top 5 Best E-Liquid Flavors  New Zealand

So which juices made the cut? What’s the most popular e-liquid flavor on the market? Our poll attracted almost 5,000 votes from ordinary vapers, and these were their top picks for the best vaping flavors you can find.

M.B.Y.C E juice. by Sicboy

Sicboy Industries presents for you all day vaping flavor and Vaping kits. They succeed in every initiative. The flavor which the introduced is M.B.Y.C. The flavor basically comprises vanilla Ice eliquid. Not only this but many vapors have reviewed the product and gave it five stars. Not every company is able to pull off this flavor with great accuracy but this company cut the margin. This it falls under the list of top five in 2018.

Smurf Cake E Juice By Vape Wild

Not only is this but there a great success of vape wild in the flavor of smurf cake. This company is based in Dallas, Texas. Are you wondering that what is the taste of this vape like? Well, this produces quality products and especially the juice. They have produced vape wild which is loved by several vapors due to its blend of blueberries. If you love cheesecakes and all the rich creaminess it provides then you will surely love this product. So why not try it?

Hawaiian Pog E Juice By Naked 100

This company naked 100 never fails to disappoint the vapors. It has introduced several popular lines of e-juices. It has really gives executed yet another flavor with great mastery and launched it in the market. If you are an orange lover then you should try this. But most importantly if you love the taste of orange with guava then this vape is just for you. The blend offers great quality.

Blue Voodoo E Juice By Mister-E-Liquid

This company has introduced such a tangy yet sweet e-liquid. This flavor sells very quickly in the market. What else? If you ever over blueberry then go and try this out.  The best part it is quite affordable and it will easily fall within your range.